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Oh yes, it’s Oh by Tutondo

The award-wining Oh by Tutondo has arrived in the UK, courtesy of Sound Thinking AV. The Oh’s spherical speaker is said to improve acoustic performance.

September 2010 has seen the UK launch of Oh – the award-winning speaker by Tutondo. Oh has been crafted with audio design expertise to produce what the company claims is high-fidelity sound and cutting-edge technology. Spherical in shape, sound can be directed with true audio clarity, says Tutondo.

The spherical shape is said to ensure that the speakers have “perfect response linearity, eliminating sound waves which interface with the listening quality”. The end result is a round sound enveloping you from every angle.

Oh is available in a 5.1 system, combining the Oh speaker with the OhL sub. Consisting of 3x coil stand Oh speakers, 2x floor-standing Oh speakers and one OhL sub-light speaker, it is said to be ideal for home cinema applications.

Oh is available in the UK from 1 October from Sound Thinking AV.