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NuVo Technologies tunes in to penthouse challenge at Montevetro

London-based integrator It’s done! Technology has equipped one family’s twin apartments at Lord Richard Rogers’ Montevetro with the latest NuVo whole home audio system.

London-based integrator It’s done! Technology has equipped one family’s twin apartments at Lord Richard Rogers’ Montevetro with the latest NuVo whole home audio system. For those who have not heard of the Montevetro, one of London’s finest modern buildings designed by world-renowned architect Lord Richard Rogers, you may be surprised to find that this “glass mountain” resides contentedly beside London’s River Thames at Battersea. The striking building, which is aptly likened to a ski-slope, races downhill from a vast 20 storeys to a mere three and two apartments are now home to one very happy family, enjoying all the benefits of a NuVo whole home audio system. This music-loving family of four were looking for the perfect high quality system to accompany the stunning 360 degree city view from their newly acquired penthouse and adjoining apartment beneath. They challenged London-based integrator It’s done! Technology to provide the solution with a brief that demanded great sounding multi-room AV, controlled lighting, solar shading, blind control and data networking. They were also keen to ensure that each sub-system could revert back to an independent distributed system, if [email protected][email protected]“Working on a top-end installation such as this, demands an investment in the most innovative technology available to ensure an incredible audio experience. However, as a vast proportion of the budget was reserved for new motorised window treatments, we had to find a high-quality audio system that was also affordable. NuVo Technologies provided the answer and the homeowners are extremely pleased with the overall installation”, says Krystian Zajac, managing director at It’s done! The family wanted to enjoy music in every room without having to maintain multiple audio components and any bulky equipment detracting from the stunning interior design. NuVo’s award-winning Grand Concerto music distribution system was the obvious solution, providing the ultimate in listening power for anyone staying at this magnificent home. It’s done! installed NuVo’s Grand Concerto eight-zone multi-channel system, supplied by UK distributor Habitech, to serve each of the two properties, with equipment located out of sight in two comms rooms. These two rooms are linked via multiple data and AV cables to allow tight integration for the foreseeable future. They can, however, be quickly re-configured to operate independently from each other. Users can choose from six different audio sources, effortlessly delivering uninterrupted digital sound to eight different listening zones. The intelligent system provides amazing sound driven through several ceiling- and wall-mounted speakers in each zone with a NAD CI power amplifier used to enhance the audio experience even further. A variety of useful adjustments are included in the Grand Concerto system, such as zone turn-on volume and overall maximum volume control. Plus the equalisation feature on the NuVo Control Pads allows users to adjust the sound system to optimise the natural acoustics of each individual room. Other innovative features include exclusive source control, which gives priority control to a certain zone, and the ability to choose which sources are available on a zone-by-zone basis. Zones can be grouped together in large areas (for playing the same source), but still allow independent control and volume [email protected][email protected], a single NuVo Music Port (MPS4) was utilised to circulate four audio streams of iTunes and Internet Radio within a total of 10 audio zones. As the construction of the penthouse permitted only shallow speakers for installation, NuVo’s AccentPLUS 1, 6.5-inch speakers were selected due to their perfect fit within both the budget and property itself. Two of the six audio sources in the penthouse include a wired NuVoDock which allows an iPod to be played through the Grand Concerto system. The NuVoDock has been installed in the central living area and allows the owner or any visitors to the penthouse to call up, browse and control their iPod instantly from the backlit display of any of the wall-mounted control pads. A total of six elegant, wall-mounted capacitive touch interfaces with OLED displays control the property’s entire audio system, so changing the volume or source of a zone is simplicity itself from anywhere in the apartments. The interactive, 2.7-inch OLED surface displays up to eight lines of text, and streamlined navigation makes the Control Pads incredibly user friendly, enabling sources to be browsed by playlist, track, artist, album, genre, or station. The maximum light contrast of OLED makes all information clear and easy to read in any lighting and at any viewing angle, perfect for the outdoor areas. As well as the NuVo multi-zone distributed music system, It’s done! also provided two 55-inch LED and four 37-inch LCD TVs for the scheme, alongside whole-home Lutron Homeworks lighting control, 27 motorised curtain tracks and five motorised blinds. All in all, the additions to these properties at London’s “Montevetro” help the development truly live up to its Italian name, providing elevated contemporary living with an unrivalled, superior audio arrangement from NuVo Technologies that’s mountains above the rest. Equipment list •2 x Denon AVR-2310 •10 x Monitor Audio Radius 90HD wall-mount speakers •2 x Monitor Audio Radius R370HD subwoofers •8 x NuVo In-ceiling speakers •3 x NuVo In-ceiling single stereo speakers •6 x Pronto TSU9400 •2 x Samsung 55” LED TVs •4 x Samsung 37” LCD TVs •1 x Tilevision 19’’ Bathroom TV •2 x Sony Blu Ray players •6 x Sky boxes •6 x NuVo Grand Concerto Control Pads •2 x NuVo Grand Concerto 8 zone amplifiers •1 x NuVo Music Port (MPS4) •2 x NuVoDock for iPod (wired) •2 x TV distribution units •34 x Lutron Keypads •2 x Lutron Series-4 Processors •2 x Lutron LV24 Enclosures •8 x Lutron WPMs •27 x Silent Gliss motorised curtain tracks •5 x Silent Gliss motorised roller blinds •2 x Netgear Gigabit LAN Switch •4 x Netgear Wifi APs