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NLS indulges in a little Artistic Licence with new exhibition

The lighting design, put together by Nich Smith, incorporates a blend of fibre optic and LED technology, with the latter controlled by Artistic Licence’s Candle-Power LED dimmers. The LED fittings in the cases are a mixture of 350mA and 700mA sources, all individually addressed and dimmed locally at each showcase by DMX-controlled Artistic Licence Candle-Power dimmers. Each showcase has a mixed 350mA/700mA Artistic Licence Candle-Power dimmer located on the top of the case and a smaller three-channel 700mA Artistic Licence Candle-Power in the bottom of the showcase, all chosen for their ability to cope with mixed loads.

“Finding a product to dim the LED fittings was a challenge,” admitted Smith, who has recently been awarded the 2008 Lighting Design Award (Public Buildings) for his work on the John Murray Archive project. “We are mixing 350mA and 700mA fittings in the same case, and I wanted one product to control them all, as well as being DMX-compatible to link in with the lighting control system. Fortunately, Artistic Licence could offer a solution in the form of Candle-Power – a product uniquely suitable for the job.”

“It was particularly satisfying to provide these dimmers since we had just launched the Candle-Power dimmers when the project came up,” said Artistic Licence’s managing director, Wayne Howell. “The timing was ideal and provided the first sale for us.”