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Niles Audio introduces new ceiling mount speakers

The CM Architectural Loudspeakers are said to offer the same blend of design aesthetics, advanced technology and installation versatility found in the third generation of DS Directed Soundfield products.

The CM Architectural Loudspeakers are said to offer the same combination of design aesthetics, advanced technology and installation versatility found in the company’s third generation DS Directed Soundfield ceiling mount loudspeakers.

Range features include a thin bezel and ultra-low profile; magnetically-attached grilles that reduce installation time; round grilles as standard, with square grills also available; the ability to paint the grilles to coordinate with any surrounding décor for added installation flexibility; patent-pending spring-loaded mounting clamps that compensate for a number of environmental conditions that would cause the mounting surface to expand or contract; core components such as copper caps, high-level crossovers and Kapton voice coil formers; and voicing oriented towards dynamic content from Blu-ray discs and compressed music from sources such as iPods, Pandora and Rhapsody.

The CM Architectural Loudspeakers are organised into groupings that enable installers to specify the right loudspeaker for any given application. The groupings include: MP (Multipurpose) ceiling mount loudspeakers, CM7MP (7”, 2-way), CM8MP (8”, 2-way); PR (Performance) speakers, blending value and performance to suit a wide variety of applications, CM4PR (3.5”, 2-way), CM7PR (7”, 2-way), CM8PR (8”, 2-way); HD (High Definition), with advanced components/materials/circuit design, CM7HD (7”, 2-way), CM8HD (8”, 2-way); BG (Background Music), for secondary listening zones that require a cost-effective solution, CM7BG (7”, 2-way); SD (Shallow Depth), for applications where the depth behind the wall is limited, CM7SD (7”, 2-way); FX (Surround Effects), for rear and side channels in a variety of home theatre and multi-channel music applications, CM7FX (7”, 2-way); and SI (Stereo Input), for locations that cannot support more than one loudspeaker, CM7SI (7”, 2-way), CM8SI (8”, 2-way).

In addition to the range of 7” and 8” CM models, Niles is also introducing the CM4PR to the new line-up. The CM4PR is a 3.5″ ceiling mount micro-loudspeaker designed with computer optimized Linkwitz Riley cross-over components and includes Niles Rear Wave Control.

Mike ‘Sparky’ Detmer, president of Niles Audio, commented: “When Niles introduced the third generation of its DS Directed Soundfield Loudspeakers in 2010, we ingeniously presented a loudspeaker line that addressed the challenges professional installers face every day. The introduction of our new CM Architectural Loudspeakers completes our ceiling mount line-up by providing installers [with] a vast assortment of application-specific loudspeakers that fit into the same-sized cutout, making them perfect for projects of any scale and any budget. Installers can specify and install systems using any combination of our new CM and DS loudspeakers thanks to the similarities in size and performance found in each series.”