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Next generation Renkus-Heinz arrays for Wisconsin uni

Renkus-Heinz Iconyx IC Live digitally steered column arrays have been installed in the University of Wisconsin's oldest campus building.

The University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire, US, recently renovated the 600-seat auditorium in the university’s oldest building. From seating and décor to a modern, high-performance AV solution incorporating Renkus-Heinz’s new generation of Iconyx IC Live digitally steered column arrays. Chippewa Falls-Based integrator Audio Architects was selected to provide an audio solution for the multipurpose venue, which sits within the Schofield Hall building (built in 1916). “The room is primarily used for lectures, guest speakers and small group performances, and our primary focus was on achieving superior intelligibility,” explained Nancy Carlson of Audio Architects. “But there are also a number of smaller musical groups and other performances in there, and we wanted to design a system that would be flexible enough to adapt to a wide range of programs and performances.” The system includes one of the first installations of the new generation of Iconyx IC Live digitally steered column arrays. As Carlson explains, the hall’s new architectural design enabled the two ICL-FR-TRIP columns to be completely concealed. Four DR18-2R dual 18in powered subwoofers are also concealed in cavities in the front wall. “They wanted a classic look, much like when the auditorium was built in 1916, and they didn’t necessarily want to see the speakers,” Carlson continued. “They had designed some decorative columns on either side of the proscenium, which provided us with a perfect location for the Iconyx columns.” In addition, the audio system includes a large-format Yamaha M7CL 48-channel digital console at Front of House. “We provided inputs at several different points in the room, and on stage, all wired back to the FOH console,” added Carlson. Meanwhile, a Biamp AudiaFLEX CM unit handles system DSP.