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Nexo system for Toulouse venue

Asked to provide a system versatile enough to handle a wide variety of events, Arpege specified an FOH line array system based on Nexo’s GEO D and GEO Sub units. Each cluster comprises six GEO D10s with three GEO Subs on the floor. Side- and out-fill is provided by eight PS 15s and 12 PS 8s.

The installation is powered by CAMCO V6 amplifiers with NX242 TDcontrollers and their EtherSound cards. The PS8s and PS15s are controlled via their own analogue controllers.

Nexo’s Joe White told II: “The theatre required a system that would be versatile enough to handle all the different types of events and manage the challenging acoustics of the main room. Bearing these two points in mind, a GEO D/GEO Sub system was specified as the most optimum solution. The first point was born out of necessity for the system being a cardioid-based solution_ The second reason was that the hall has a high reverberation time and the GEO D/GEO Subs [provide] high directivity.”