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New technology from Current Thinking

Infra~Hear is designed to improve audio facilities for people with hearing difficulties in museums, cinemas, schools and court buildings.

Infra~Hear converts audio to an infrared light beam which can be picked up on dedicated personal receivers in applications where conventional induction loop systems are impracticable.

The compact personal receivers developed by Current Thinking are worn with an integral neck loop and have the advantage that they can be fitted with external headphones as well as for people with hearing aids.

The design is said to offer a number of specific benefits including the use of rechargeable batteries giving 30 hours life – longer than in comparable units – and replaceable with standard cells. The transmitter unit can also be used in environments such as classrooms and meeting rooms as well as in sensitive/security situations given that the infrared light is unable to pass through walls.

Infra~Hear uses frequencies that avoid the kind of interference from energy-efficient lamps and plasma televisions which have affected previous infrared systems.