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New SDI to PC/HD scaler from Atlona

The AT-HSDI-VGA is an SDI to PC/HD scaler with audio, designed for integrating SDI sources into standard AV environments.

The AT-HSDI-VGA converts SD, HD and 3G SDI signals to component or VGA formats. The unit’s re-clocking technology allows SDI signals to be extended up to 1,000ft with no signal degradation. In commercial applications where it’s necessary to connect to a non-HD-SDI device, most converters will only convert the signal from HD-SDI to VGA/DI/HDMI. By contrast, the AT-HSDI-VGA allows SD, HD and 3G SDI signals to be converted to 1080p component or 1920 x 1200 VGA video formats; resolution is said to be easy to set through the ‘intuitive’ on-screen menus. 

For larger applications, the unit’s built-in equalised ports allow SDI signals to be extended up to 330ft with 3G, 660ft with HD, and 1,000ft with SD. The design allows simultaneous use on a SDI display and a component or VGA display while the built-in loop-out port makes it ideal for side-by-side comparisons and other applications.

For the full AV experience, the unit’s built-in audio de-embedding function allows digital (S/PDIF) or two-channel analogue audio to be passed through to an amp.