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New Robe lighting for Dutch pop music venue

Founded in 1971 and one of the largest music venues in The Netherlands, De Effenaar has progressively upgraded its lighting with fixtures from Robe.

De Effenaar is a busy live music and multi-purpose venue in central Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Its two very flexible spaces offer capacity for 1,300 people (standing) and 400 (standing) respectively, and a cafe restaurant area can cater for up to 100 people for functions and special events.

The venue has an eclectic programme of arts and entertainment including live music of all genres, dance shows, corporate events and parties and so on.The average performance rate is about six shows a week throughout the year.

The venue recently made a large investment in Robe moving lights at the instigation of technical manager Charles Konings.

The Robes were supplied by the Dutch office of Benelux distributor Controllux. The first delivery of Robes into the venue was in the form of four ColorSpot 250E ATs. This was then followed up with 12 ROBIN 300 Spots which were deployed in the small hall.

These made such a difference to the quality and creativity of the shows they could produce that the venue decided to purchase 16 ROBIN 600 Spots and 24 ROBIN MMX Spots to replace the existing moving lights in the large hall.

The ROBIN 600 Spots are rigged on the over-stage trusses and the MMXs on a box truss over the audience. The ROBIN 600 Spots were, according to Robe, chosen for their speed, silent operation and high light output, while the MMXs were selected because of the effects they can deliver.

Another popular feature of the new fixtures is their weight. With the MMX weighing 25.7 kgs and the ROBIN Spot 600 21.7 kgs, they are said to be much easier to lift and handle by the crews.

In both halls the lights are controlled by grandMA light consoles.

Photo: Die Effenaar technical manager Charles Konings and lighting designer Natasha Von Haaften