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New Polish mall benefits from ETC lighting

The largest of the Ł_dź Manufaktura buildings houses a three-storey shopping centre featuring over 200 shops and designed to combine both a contemporary feel and allusions to the history and culture of Ł_dź. To preserve the original architecture of the industrial buildings while implementing the latest technology, ETC’s Polish dealer, Prolight, specified 56 ETC Source Four HID 26_ spotlights, located throughout the shopping centre. The luminaires are painted white to blend discretely and unobtrusively into their historic surroundings, with the HID spotlights – designed specifically for architectural venues – used to illuminate signage and artwork on the walls. They will also be employed as special event lighting throughout the year.

“More and more, architectural venues such as shopping centres are integrating theatrical lighting effects into their design to enhance the look and feel of the building and to improve the experience of visitors,” said ETC architectural market manager Joe Bokelman. “Source Four HID fixtures provide a convenient solution for these needs.”

Tom Littrell, ETC’s fixtures product manager, told II: “The Source Four is a ‘green light’, achieving high brightness from a low wattage lamp. I’m sure the long-term benefits of this eco-friendly luminaire will become even more apparent as time goes on.”

According to ETC, the inclusion of the same optical technology in the Source Four HIDs as the company’s Source Four theatrical luminaires means that Manufaktura requires fewer of the fixtures to illuminate its interiors. The company also draws attention to the 12,000-hour long-life lamps.