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New NYC venue installs Robert Juliat

Features of the Robert Juliat Victor 1159 1800W followspot include a high-performance double condenser zoom optical system, a 100% closing iris, and a 100% closing mechanical dimmer. A six-way colour changer system (equipped with removable filter frames), plus a frost filter frame flip level, are included as standard.

The fixtures were specified by consultant Fisher Dachs and purchased through Barbizon Lighting.

Terence Larsen, the Tully Hall’s associate director of concert hall production, commented: “I’m quite glad we chose Robert Juliat Victor followspots for performances at the newly transformed Alice Tully Hall interior. They’re terrific!”

The hall is named after the late US singer, music promoter and philanthropist Alice Tully, whose credits include the commissioning of Des Canyons aux _toiles (‘From the Canyons to the Stars’), an epic 12-movement work by Oliver Messiaen devised to mark the bicentenary of the United States’ Declaration of Independence.