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New London restaurant equipped with Martin Audio

A new African-themed restaurant and late-night venue, Shaka Zulu, has been installed with a host of equipment from the Martin Audio range.

The new African-themed restaurant and late-night venue Shaka Zulu has been installed with a host of equipment from the Martin Audio range. Located in Stables Market in the Camden Town area of north London, Shaka Zulu cost an estimated £5.5 million and occupies approximately 27,000sqft over two floors.

CTS Productions had worked with venue proprietor Roger Payne on a number of previous occasions, and was again enlisted to specify the audio system for Payne’s latest project.

“Our initial brief was to provide our client with a sound system that could remain refined, almost hi-fi, while the venue was operating as a restaurant, yet retain the ability to provide a potent high SPL dancefloor for those who prefer their evenings late and loud,” said CTS Productions’ Carl Broadhurst. “We also had to consider what requirements corporate events would place on the venue as well as making provision for future live music projects, seeing as the Camden location is in the heart of London’s live music scene.”

Noting that Martin Audio is always “one of my personal first choices”, Broadhurst and team went on to select a Martin Audio system for the downstairs area that features W8VDQ differential dispersion cabinets (L/R configuration) for the dancefloor, complemented by a pair of flown Martin Audio Blackline F8+ cabinets, a pair of wall-mounted F12+s and, for low frequencies, two WS218X 2x18in cabinets. Upstairs, the set-up includes a pair of Martin Audio F15+ cabinets for one area earmarked as a potential additional dancefloor, while 36 AQ5s provide even coverage for most of the restaurant-only seated areas in the venue. Additional bass response is provided by four AQ112s.

Also provided by system supplier LMC Audio was a Martin Audio Engineer 818 8-in/8-out DSP-based system controller, which performs input matrix, zoning and initial processing before delivering feeds to an Engineer 418 and two DX1.5s that undertake individual loudspeaker processing and time alignment. User control is provided by two Engineer Remotes that allow selection of the Restaurant DJ and Live preset zones, as well as enabling control of the individual zonal volume levels.

Inputs come from the DJ booth (which features Pioneer CDJ2000s, a Rane Serato interface, a DJM 800 mixer and a pair of Martin Audio F8+s for monitoring), live event spaces and a music server provided by 8Track Music Solutions.

Paying tribute to the contribution made by LMC Audio, Broadhurst remarked: “LMC have always offered us the best support, going out of their way to ensure our projects have the back-up we require. It’s this, coupled with their excellent product knowledge and ability to offer extremely fast turnaround from order to delivery, that has ensured a long-lasting business relationship between our companies.”

Although the installation is now complete, CTS Productions will remain involved with Shaka Zulu by providing a full support package for the audio system as well as technicians for special events.