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New LED surface from Pixled

The F-9 aims to build on the success of the fully flexible F-6.

The design and architecture for the 9mm pitch F-9 shares the performance characteristics of the F-6 – high resolution, light weight, easy to build and set up, curvable in both directions, concave and convex.

F-6 and F-9 modules can be mixed and fitted together in the same quick-lock touring frames. Like the F-6, F-9 is also available with standard Pixled or super-HD resolution Mitsubishi processing, with serviceable and accessible modules (LED strips) and power supplies, due to its tile architecture. The product is calibrated using Radiant Imaging’s benchmark VisionCAL system to ensure high brightness and quality of the LED components; it is also offered with black surface-mounted devices (SMDs).

For high-brightness applications the F-9’s LED panels are populated with 4,000 nit black SMDs, and for more standard uses, there is a 2,000 nit black SMD version.