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New Kentucky home for Adamson system

The new equipment is being used in conjunction with amplifiers including Lab.gruppen PLM 10000Qs, fP+6000Qs and fP2400s.

The Adamson and Lab.gruppen-based system was selected after an extensive assessment process that entailed consultation with engineers, installation companies and Glema Mahr’s budget office.

Rob Blumrick, technical director for The Glema Mahr Centre for Arts, commented: “I love having a real professional Adamson and Lab.gruppen system in the house. It frees me from the hassle of co-ordinating another layer of load-in and it gives me a more consistent sound than rentals that come and go. It also helps me serve the community and allows me to treat them like real stars.”

Adam MacGillivray, Adamson sales & support, European liaison told II: “The SpekTrix was the perfect cabinet for the room – the centre has a continental rake and wasn’t originally built with sound reinforcement in mind. The SpekTrix system’s wide dispersion easily covers the performance centre’s relatively wide listening area, and even with two subs flown in the array it offers a small footprint that doesn’t sacrifice SPL or obstruct the audience line of sight.”