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New entry-level system from Televic

D-Cerno is a digital entry-level conference system for discussion applications.

Unlike comparable products, says Televic, D-Cerno offers digital sound quality, shielding from mobile phone interference and a fail-safe operation through built-in patent-pending redundancy features. It is designed to work ‘out-of-the-box’, so it is extremely easy to set up with cabling errors virtually eliminated.

Touch-button operation eliminates moving parts and simplifies cleaning while an eco-mode automatically switches the system to a standby state, reducing power consumption to an absolute minimum. An optional built-in recording module and web interface eliminates the need for additional recording hardware and allows the system to be connected to a LAN network for monitoring and control.

As well as simplifying cleaning, D-Cerno’s touch buttons offer hygiene benefits as there are no gaps around the button where dirt and bacteria can accumulate.