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New DVDO Air wirelessly transmits 1080p video and 3D images

The DVDO Air is a cable replacement solution that enables wireless transmission of 3D images and 1080p HDTV. With this system TVs no longer require a HDMI cable connection from the Blu-Ray player, cable or satellite box notebook PC, AV receiver or DVR.

The new DVDO Air wireless HDMI connection system enables the wire-free transmission of 1080p video and 3D images – as well as 7.1 channel lossless surround sound – to a HD television or HD display.
 It connects any source with a HDMI output (Blu-ray player, cable or satellite box, notebook PC, AV receiver or DVR) to a HDMI port on the HDTV/display.
 This enables the sending of signals from just a few feet, or throughout a large room, the DVDO Air delivers high-resolution pictures and sound while eliminating unsightly cables.
 Many HD Wireless systems compress the HD signal and some don’t work with all HDMI features. DVDO Air is fully HDMI compliant, capable of delivering uncompressed 1080p video and 7.1 surround sound, 3D and Consumer Electronics Control (allows the TV remote to control the source device).
 Running at 60GHz, DVDO’s ‘Air’ system comprises a transmitter, which installs at the source, and a receiver that clips on or behind a display using the bracket supplied. The simple set-up entails powering the system down; replacing the HDMI cable with DVDO Air; mounting the receiver, and powering up.
 The solution offers a clean, wall-mountable alternative to long cable runs and provides flexibility in positioning HD equipment anywhere in the room without the restrictions of a wired connection. And by operating in a band of frequencies well above those used by other wireless devices in the home or office, DVDO Air performs without any interference from Wi-Fi systems and phone networks.
 Whether connecting from a few metres away or within a large room from up to 30 meters, efficient operation and easy installation make the DVDO Air an ideal solution for seamless, high performance wire-free home cinema.