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New Dubai airport terminal passes STI-PA measurements

The speaker system includes approximately 4,000 ceiling loudspeakers, 600 passive arrays and about 140 active arrays. The large baggage claim hall is serviced by only 18 active DSP-controlled loudspeakers.

The intelligibility tests were masterminded by Rahe-Kraft’s Jakob Kraft, who said that the AL1 had proven to be “an indispensable help”.

“I was able to make several hundred STI-PA measurements in just one night only by myself,” he commented. “An operator in the main switch room enabled the STI-PA test signal from zone to zone, allowing me to verify the speech intelligibility at all assigned measurement positions. In Dubai I learnt to appreciate the Acoustilyzer for such onsite projects.”

NTi Audio’s Isabella Niffeler told II: “The success at Dubai airport is another prominent example where the Acoustilyzer AL1 emphasised its benefits by providing exactly the required set of tools for commissioning a very complex installation. Over years, our development engineers have carefully optimised and balanced the measurement capabilities of the instrument against a simple and robust user interface, leading to the worldwide success the instrument is enjoying now.”