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New Digimic from Braehler

The new release features selectable Variable Voice Activation (VOX).

The new VOX mode on the Digimic allows automatic microphone on/off functions to be voice activated for hands-free operation. Included at no extra cost, the new feature is available on both wired and wireless versions and offers two operating modes, one limiting the number of microphones that will be open (VAL), the second allowing an unlimited number of open microphones (VAU).

In both modes the Push To Talk button now becomes a mute function to prevent bidirectional communication with its neighbour, and the chairman unit may also be activated. Sensitivity and decay time parameters are also adjustable.

The sensitivity threshold sets the response time of the microphone according to the person speaking. The decay time determines how long the microphone remains active after the participant has finished speaking.

The second voice activation setting (VAU) may also be used for court-room applications for which additional features are also available.