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New Barco OVL LED videowall is 20% brighter

Improved cooling, says Barco, enables its new LED-illuminated video cube to be 20% brighter than competing products.

Barco has announced a new line of LED-lit, DLP-based videowalls with what the company describes as an improved LED engine. The new OVL range reaches a brightness level that is claimed to be 20% higher than any competing system, without shortening the projection system’s lifetime making it, according to Barco, the most efficient LED video wall available today. The OVL videowall range is offered in 4:3 ratio, with screen sizes up to 80in.

The new OVL series has what Barco calls an advanced heat management system based on liquid cooling technology, which brings the LED temperature down to the optimal level – resulting, says the company, in a significantly longer lifetime of the projection system: 80,000 hours of continuous operation in eco-mode – a 35% improvement over competing videowalls – is claimed.

Barco says that OVL videowalls can save up to 30% power compared to other LED-based systems, achieving this by basing the OVL’s colour and brightness adjustment on smart power management, not on optical dimming.

The OVL’s new LED engine, with its higher brightness and greater efficiency, allows larger screens to become possible. Barco’s OVL range therefore includes an 80” video wall system with seamless screens, which the company believes is particularly interesting for utilities applications.

Barco’s OVL rear projectors come with Sense6, described by the company as a unique sensor technology which co-ordinates across multiple rear-projection modules to provide brightness and colour stability over time and across the entire video wall screen. Unlike factory calibrated systems, says Barco, the OVL continuously measures and adjusts colour and brightness in real time and therefore requires no maintenance or manual adjustments.

The OVL videowall rounds out Barco’s range of LED-based videowall systems, which also includes the 16:9 OL video walls launched in 2009.