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New additions to d&b’s E Series

The E4 and E5 are suitable for nearfield operation in speech and music applications in theatres, conferences and industrial presentations.

E4 and E5 enclosures are described as highly compact and visually discreet yet ‘audibly impressive’ for such small speakers. The lightweight enclosures are two-way passive designs housing 4in and 5in low-frequency drivers (respectively) and a coaxially mounted wide-dispersion dome tweeter. Both offer wide symmetrical dispersion patterns in the horizontal and vertical plane in cabinets that may be mounted in either attitude. 

Frequency response extends from 130Hz to 20kHz on the E4 and 85Hz to 20kHz on the E5, which produce maximum SPLs of 115dB and 117dB respectively. The enclosures are injection moulded and coated with an impact-resistant black paint finish with the drivers protected by rigid metal grilles. The design is said to be weather protected and suitable for temporary outdoor use.
E4 and E5 speakers can be powered by either the d&b D6 or D12 amplifiers, and up to four cabinets may be driven by each channel of either amplifier.