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Navori Labs strengthens communications for YMCA of Greater New York

The YMCA of Greater New York has established a multi-layered and universal communications strategy across its 26 locations using a Navori QL digital engine.

The Navori web-based solution gives the organisation a scalable out-of-home network that provides local control at each location, and the ability to deliver content across Windows and Android platforms.

Karl Christianson, IT systems manager for YMCA of Greater New York, noted that QL’s multi-user design has strengthened the organisation’s ability to disseminate both company-wide and local information. “A main focus of ours in IT is to support marketing and communications as quickly and efficiently as possible,” said Christianson.

“Turnaround time is highly important, and we simply could not achieve our goals before transitioning to Navori Labs. The QL solution eliminates the support headaches, from hardware and software compatibility to overall content management. Additionally, its web-based architecture completely obliterates the need for end user support across installations and training at local branches. We no longer have to concern ourselves with installing specific software components on every end user’s workstation. The ability to walk into a new location, plug in a player and be live on the network is very appealing.”

Navori Labs’ multi-platform capability enables YMCA of Greater New York to support both Windows and Android systems from a single interface, with content playing out across traditional widescreen HD displays and mobile tablets.

Gavan Vogler, marketing and advertising manager for YMCA of Greater New York, commented: “We just completed a membership campaign on our signage network that replicated our city-wide advertising, using many pieces of association-based creative content that the network delivered with outstanding visual quality.

“The Navori Labs system also ensured we could work in new content in as little as 15 minutes, as opposed to having it created, printed and shipped over several days. Local facilities have found it effective, and are building the network into their marketing and communications plan for events and other informational needs.”