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NanoLumens ‘slot topper’ LED displays bring visual upgrades to Mohegan Sun’s casino

Mohegan Sun’s Uncasville, Connecticut casino has recently upgraded six limited-functionality LED displays to vibrant, 360° Truly Curved NanoLumens Nixel Series displays.

Mohegan Sun’s Uncasville, Connecticut casino has recently upgraded six limited-functionality LED displays to vibrant, 360° Truly Curved NanoLumens Nixel Series displays.

The six new ‘slot topper’ displays, which sit atop slot machines and typically display the progressive jackpot, now allow the casino to run varied content in full colour, including advertisements and promotions. According to Jack McNamara at KGM Gaming, who researched and designed the displays to meet Mohegan Sun’s needs, NanoLumens was the only manufacturer that could build truly curved displays to exactly fit the existing infrastructure. KGM Gaming has installed NanoLumens displays in several casinos across the US.

“The casino wanted to maximise the eye-grabbing nature of these slot toppers and use them for more than just showing the progressive jackpot,” said McNamara. “Now with the NanoLumens displays they can display anything they want in full colour. They can run ads, promos, show videos, really whatever they can think of. We chose NanoLumens because their displays checked every box on the list of needs, including conforming to the existing radius and being compatible with the existing software. No other manufacturer could do it.”

All six of the 1ft-high, 5.75ft-diameter displays utilise a 9mm pixel pitch and are capable of 2,500 nits of brightness, so they jump out at guests with bright, vibrant, sharp content. These features add up to a fantastic advertising medium where the casino is able to highlight upcoming events, member promos and partner advertisements right in the middle of the floor.

“The casino floor is one area where advertising for shops, events or promotions is challenging,” added McNamara. “Most advertising is done near entrances, in hallways or in retail areas away from the gaming, because they require walls to hang the ads or digital displays. With these advanced, multi-purpose slot toppers, casinos can use existing space to reach more eyeballs and increase the value of their messaging. Mohegan Sun saw that it would be a smart investment, and we were all very pleased that NanoLumens was able to build exactly what we needed to fit their request.”

According to Dana Michaelis, NanoLumens regional sales director, Northeast, the technology upgrades at Mohegan Sun show the way forward for casino operators in today’s increasingly competitive market, especially considering the recent Supreme Court ruling that may soon enable legal sports betting across the United States.

“With the United States warming to sports betting, casinos nationwide may soon gain a major new revenue stream,” said Michaelis. “We expect many casinos to invest in new spaces with large video displays, and that they will want to create unique experiences to draw visitors and stay ahead of competing casinos. With our proven track record of delivering specialised displays for all locations and situations, NanoLumens will help bring unique visions to life and help usher in the next generation of casino attractions with displays in any size, shape, curvature, brightness and resolution.”