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Mysterious switches almost disappear

Virtually invisible light switches? Niko's Mysterious range proves a sight for sore eyes.

Belgian control company Niko has launched the Mysterious product line. Described as the interior designer’s dream product, Mysterious allows light switches to be rendered virtually invisible. Most of the electrical control and connectors required in the typical room can be fully integrated into the wall surfaces.

The push-switches simply merge into their background. To allow users to find switches in the dark, a LED lamp can be fitted to give a soft glowing white light.

The Mysterious range currently comprises push buttons; TV aerial and satellite connections; RJ connector outlets; orientation LED lighting (blue and white versions) and mains power socket outlets.

Installation is quite simple and demonstrated on step-by-step video tutorials which can be viewed or downloaded on the Niko website. The components can be painted or covered by wallpaper and there are two alternative mounting units; one for flush-mounting in brick or concrete block walls and the other for flush-mounting in gypsum board dry-lined walls.