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Music centre installs Robe moving lights

A music centre in Ghent, Belgium has installed a quantity of Robe ROBIN lighting fixtures, providing it with a moving light system.

Robe’s latest ROBIN moving lights have been installed into the two main performance spaces at the prestigious De Bijloke Muziekcentrum (Music Centre) in Ghent, Belgium.

The venue produces over 100 concerts, recitals and performances a year and stages or receives another 80 plus shows and collaborative works. It attracts over 100,000 visitors and classical music lovers and aficionados annually.

With the shows and programmes run at Bijloke constantly increasing in profile, chief electrician Bart de Dobbeleer had been wanting to introduce moving light systems ever since he arrived there 18 months ago. At that point, the original lighting dating back to the 1990s was still in place, from when the Muziekcentrum started being developed as an on-going arts/performance project.

The 22 ROBIN 600 LEDWashes and six ROBIN 600 Spots were delivered by the Belgian office of Robe’s Benelux distributor Controllux to locally-based Ghent rental company, City Sounds.

In the highly charismatic medieval setting of the Concert Hall, with the LEDWash 600s and Spot 600s in place, the grid can stay up in the ceiling most of the time as the rig needs substantially less maintenance than the previous one. Lights can also be tweaked while musicians are onstage without disturbing them.

In both venues, the Robes are controlled by Chamsys MagicQ consoles. The installation work was completed by City Sounds.