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Munro Acoustics enlisted for two-studio project in Mumbai

Ultimately, a commercial building was found close to Andheri, an area of Mumbai that includes many studios and production houses. Two new studios and accompanying control rooms and live acoustic recording areas were designed, with the fit-out taking more than a year as the whole building was refurbished simultaneously.

Studio One boasts a large control room featuring an SSL 9000 console and custom Dynaudio M4 5.1 monitoring, with BM15s for the surrounds and two 18in subs. The live area is capable of recording a 40-piece orchestra and has a separate vocal booth. Studio Two – which incorporates an existing SSL 4000 console and features the same monitoring set-up as Studio One – has a live area that can be used to record up to ten musicians and has variable acoustics to change the reverberation character of the room.