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Multiple Alcons Audio systems for iconic Stockholm venue

Specified by local audio specialist Electrosound, the system comprises four Alcons VR12 loudspeakers for the front/level right arrays, with eight VR8s for the surround and a further four VR12s to cover the dancefloor and surround rear. The main sub cluster comprises nine Alcons CRMS 1x15in cabinets, two BF362s and two BF302s, with a pair of VR8s to serve as DJ nearfill monitors. Primary amplification is handled by Alcons ALC2s, while a TiMax matrix feeds audio to the surround speakers.

Reflecting on the challenging project, which necessitated the very discreet placement of the audio system, Electrosound’s H_kan ‘Brollan’ S_derstr_m acknowledged that “establishing exact speaker positions that were acoustically precise, but that also kept the visual designers happy, took a considerable time. But with the quality of the Alcons sound and TiMax providing some very interesting automated surround effects, the club owners are very happy.”

In the wake of this successful project, Electrosound has added Alcons audio equipment to a number of other areas, including: 16 Alcons LR16s and four BF362s in the main live music space; VR8s, BF181s and BF362s in the Berns Asia restaurant; and 12 VR8s and BF181s in the Terrace Bar.

Taking stock as the year draws to a close, Alcons Audio’s managing director, Tom Back, told II that 2009 had been “another very good year for us. With our product portfolio, we’ve been able to expand our global distribution, specifically with regard to the installation market. The LR7 and LR7B micro pro-ribbon line array system has been a tremendous sales generator, [as have] our C-Series Digital Cinema systems. Our enlarged production capacity is completely filled for this year. Based on this, we have good expectations for 2010, with further distribution expansion and significant product introductions to come.”