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Moscow children’s theatre installed with QSC line array system

Having won the contract against considerable competition from other leading brand representatives, BBRS and Live Sound Ltd pressed forward with an FOH specification comprising hangs of six WL-3082 and WL212-sw units per side to produce a total curve angle of 54-degrees and 140-degrees horizontal dispersion. Further bass extension is provided by two SL212-sw enclosures, recessed under the stage. A combination of QSC PL340, PL236 and PL218 units provide amplification, while the system is optimised by three SC28 two-input, eight-output digital system controllers.

As and when it is required, the surround sound system – which comprises eight AD-S828H enclosures – can be switched in via the DSS 322ua processor, operating under the platform and working in conjunction with a QSC CX902 amplifier.

Rounding out the specification are eight QSC HPR 122i 12in two-way powered loudspeakers and HPR 181i sub.

“We are delighted to have been associated with the upgrade of this culturally significant theatre, and to be able to demonstrate that QSC has all the necessary complementary components to allow us to construct the perfect digital network solution,” commented BBRS’ Andre Lomov. “The impressive dispersion pattern of WideLine has already been commented on.”

BBRS and LiveSound Inc also designed and installed the facility’s digital recording studio, main stage lighting, mobile lighting for touring musicals and CCTV systems.