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MK Electric and Philips team up to produce energy-efficient dimmable LED lighting

MK Electric and Philips have joined forces to offer reliable LED lighting that operates effectively with dimmable switches.

MK Electric and Philips have joined forces to offer reliable LED lighting that operates effectively with dimmable switches. MK Electric and Philips have joined forces to offer a practical solution to overcome the industry’s long-standing issues in producing reliable LED lighting offerings that operate effectively with dimmable switches. MK’s Design Service has produced a specialist dimmer that works with the Philips MASTER LED product range, specifically 7W MASTER LEDspot GU10 MV, 7W MASTER LEDspot GU10 MV DimTone, 12W MASTER LEDbulb and 8W MASTER LEDbulb DimTone. The award-winning LED lamps can be paired with dimmers from two of MK Electric’s most popular ranges, Logic Plus – the classic, white plastic design – and Edge – the stylish, functional, slim profile design. Both ranges are rated 8W-48W to operate effectively with the MASTER LED lamps. According to McKinsey & Company, LED lighting is forecast to be the dominant technology in domestic and commercial lighting by 2015. The main reason being the significant energy savings – up to 80% compared with incandescent and halogen lamps when using Philips’ MASTER LED range. The long lifetime of up to 45,000 burning hours, compared to 10-15,000 of traditional halogen lamps also results in significantly lower maintenance costs. “The collaboration between Philips and MK Electric has resulted in a market-leading product that fills an important gap in the industry,” according to Jason Ng, marketing communications specialist for MK Electric. “It’s one of the first times that a lighting manufacturer and a wiring accessories manufacturer have married their expertise to overcome an industry issue like this one. As a result of this collaboration contractors and designers clearly know which dimmers can reliably dim which ranges of LED lighting – it’s a sought-after answer.” Duncan Chamberlain, director of trade, Philips UK comments: “The sales of MASTER LED lamps to date have been phenomenal and are used in a variety of different applications.“Ensuring that all our customers have the best user experience possible is really important to us so taking the leadership to offer clear guidance on dimming compatibilities was an obvious step.“ The LED Dimmers from MK Electric are just the first two in a wider range of LED Dimmers that are due to be launched at the end of the year.