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Mitsubishi LED wall cubes energise INTER RAO UES new HQ

One of Russia's leading traders of electric power, INTER RAO UES, now uses a mission-critical Mitsubishi Electric display solution to monitor and control the company's activities worldwide 24 hours a day.

Russia-based energy holding company INTER RAO UES had its new state-of-the-art Moscow facility equipped with a Mitsubishi Electric display solution, with the centrepiece to the install consisting of 36 Mitsubishi VS-PE75U LED display wall cubes.

INTER RAO UES is one of Russia’s main traders of electric power. The new location is situated in Moscow’s newest business centre, Luch. It consists of two halls and is the company’s main trading and training centre, from which it monitors and controls activities worldwide 24 hours a day.

Moscow-based integrator Avilex collaborated with technology solution provider Envision Group and Mitsubishi Electric Russia for the installation. The new display solutions would deliver images, text information, SCADA and off-air TV in the two spaces. Nvision Group handled installation of the centre’s sound system to ensure clarity of audio throughout the space.

The 9.15m x 3.05m display in the larger hall is the main working area, consisting of 36 Mitsubishi VS-PE75U LED display wall cubes, each delivering 1400 x 1050 pixel resolution and 810 ANSI lumen brightness. As a mission-critical display, the entire system is backed by UPS and controlled by dual redundant Jupiter Fusion FC4000 processors. The Mitsubishi displaywall cubes also feature emergency input switching which operates automatically in the event of an input signal failure. The Mitsubishi cubes are designed for 24/7 operation. The air-cooled LED light source requires no maintenance and is rated for 80,000 hours continuous use. Control of the entire system is via a Crestron PRO2 controller operated by touchpads.

The smaller hall is used mainly as a training centre. Avilex installed a 7.25m x 2.04m LCD display consisting of 18 Mitsubishi Electric 55in LCD displaywall panels. Mullion width of just 5.7mm creates an almost continuous screen surface, with 700 cd/m brightness ensuring high visibility under normal lighting conditions. The panels are mounted using a Mitsubishi frame which allows full front service access to each individual display. Along with mirroring data from the larger hall, the LCD display can also be used for videoconferencing. The display is driven from a single Jupiter Fusion controller, again controlled using a Crestron touchpad interface.