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Mitsubishi Electric cubes at heart of Lenenergo’s new network management centre

Electricity supply network centres in the Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad regions are now equipped with an 11 x 3 cube wall and a 5 x 3 cube wall using VS-60XE70U 60” LED video cubes from Mitsubishi Electric.

Mitsubishi Electric displaywall systems are the centrepiece of two network control centres built for Lenenergo OJSC, one of the largest energy distribution network companies in Russia. The new screens play a vital role in the management of Lenenergo’s 0.4 -110 kW network and the consumer electric supply in the Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad regions.

Mitsubishi VS-60XE70U 60” LED video cubes were installed by system integrator Viking in Lenenergo’s central control room and in its Kingisepp regional control centre. The Network Control Centre display is comprised of 33 (11 x 3) cubes, with a total screen size of 13.4 m wide and 2.74 m high.

The control system allows simultaneous management from four dispatcher workstations. Image sources are managed with the help of a router, and the whole system is overseen by a unique software platform, developed by Viking in conjunction with leading suppliers, which manages all the collection, processing, imaging and archiving of information.

The Kingisepp control room manages the electricity supply to five large towns: Kingisepp, Ivangorod, Volosovo, Slantsy, and Luga. Viking equipped the control room with a display wall consisting of Mitsubishi 60” projection cubes in a 5 x 3 configuration. The total size measures 6.1 m wide ? 2.74 m high. The control board allows operators to visualise signalling parameters and real-time measurements across the network, allowing the effective management of the automated dispatching control system.

The new control centres have allowed Lenergo OJSC to deliver improved control of the electrical system network, helping to ensure maximum network reliability even in periods of peak load.