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Minimalist touch by Antumbra and AWE

Philips Dynalite’s new AntumbraTouch, available through CI distributor AWE, is a minimalist panel with numerous features hidden beneath its slick glass design.

Philips Dynalite has introduced another attractive addition to its Antumbra range of user interfaces. The new AntumbraTouch, available through high-end CI distributor, AWE, is a stunning panel that redefines the concept of minimalist chic, with numerous features hidden beneath its slick glass design. This includes presence, light and temperature sensors. 
 The panel uses field effects technology to automatically detect a person’s presence by their body’s own magnetic field, waking up the control panel with the wall-wash effect that Antumbra has become known for. An internal light sensor ensures the wash effect is adjusted to the appropriate level. When the user moves away, the lighting will fade away. The panel also responds to a user’s selection with audio feedback. A built-in temperature sensor automatically measures the local ambient temperature and can adjust the air conditioning when integrated into the network system.
 A single panel can have many different button combinations allowing for a consistent look throughout an installation. Each button is completely configurable through the Envision commissioning software to perform a vast range of functions, including lighting, HVAC and blinds.
 AntumbraTouch is available in a range of finishes which can be mixed and matched to suit the end-user’s requirements, blending seamlessly with architectural features and décor.