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Micromega introduces wireless DAC device

The UK launch of French brand Micromega’s AirStream WM-10 audio streaming device has been announced by UK importer/distributor Absolute Sounds.

The UK launch of French brand Micromega’s AirStream WM-10 audio streaming device has been announced by UK importer/distributor Absolute Sounds.

Described as a ‘wireless DAC’, the AirStream WM-10 is designed to make it simple to transfer audio files from a computer to a hi-fi system while ensuring the best possible sound quality.

Features include a high-quality digital-to-analogue converter and the ability to stream audio data wirelessly from a PC or Apple Mac. Advanced WHiFi wireless technology, meanwhile, allows ‘extremely fast’ data transfer rates and a 100m wireless listening perimeter.

The new device also incorporates a sophisticated linear power supply, incorporating a low-bandwidth R-CORE transformer, which acts as a natural line filter, together with a low-noise, fast-response linear regulator.

Micromega has also paid significant attention to the streaming data-synchronising master clock, designing a 25.000MHz clock with a dedicated low-noise power supply to reduce jitter and eliminate harsh time domain errors.

The AirStream WM-10 is designed to operate seamlessly with Apple iTunes and can also be used with software including Rogue Amoeba’s Airfoil.

Available in either black or silver, the AirStream WM-10 features a sturdy aluminium case that is the same size as a conventional hi-fi component.

Ricardo Franassovici, founder and MD of Absolute Sounds, commented: “It’s amazing how capable the AirStream WM-10 is – not simply in relation to other wireless music streaming devices, but also when compared to high-end digital sources that are usually assumed to be superior. We compared the WM-10 to several highly regarded and considerably more costly CD players, and with good source material it is undeniably their equal. This Micromega component signals a whole new era in musical fidelity, content access and ease of use in the field of high-performance audio.”