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Meyer Sound system for Tokyo’s Cotton Club

The system was designed by the venue’s sound engineer, Taro Moriyama, in conjunction with locally based company Acoustical Technical Lab (ATL). Specified to suit a wide variety of musical styles, the system includes dual MICA line arrays of four loudspeakers, each augmented by four 600-HP subwoofers. A total of six UPA-2P loudspeakers provide stage-side fill and overhead stage monitoring, while two UPM-2Ps serve the mixing booth.

“Every time we use the MICAs or any other Meyer Sound loudspeakers, their reliability, high quality and thoughtful design surprise us, and help assure a great musical performance,” said Moriyama.

Luke Jenks, Meyer Sound’s director of European technical support, told II: “MICA is just as popular with the classical FOH engineers as it is with the metal engineers. Seeing it spec’d for events from Proms in the Park and Montreux Jazz Festival to Metallica’s world tour, we have proven that MICA’s clarity and power is a winning combination. Its versatility and wide acceptance among engineers are the primary reasons for MICA’s popularity among theatres and music venues like the Cotton Club.”