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Meyer Sound provides optimum aural ambience at Café Vivaldi

Denmark’s Café Vivaldi has been equipped with Meyer Sound IntelligentDC reinforcement systems for recorded music playback and live music presentations at nine Café Vivaldi locations.

Denmark’s Café Vivaldi places a high priority on sound quality in its casual restaurants. To ensure this, Copenhagen-based Prime Production has installed Meyer Sound IntelligentDC reinforcement systems for recorded music playback and live music presentations at nine Café Vivaldi locations, with more planned for the future.

“For success in the restaurant business you need to make sure everything connects together,” explained Café Vivaldi founder and CEO, Chibo Deliktas. “It’s not enough simply to serve good food. You need to create a space where people want to stay, not just to get the meal over and get out, but to talk and to listen, and to enjoy the feel of the place. And the sounds they hear are very much a part of that total experience.”

According to Deliktas, that goal is bolstered by the sound quality. “When Peter Petersen of Prime Production first presented Meyer Sound, I immediately realised this was the right choice for Café Vivaldi. What I heard was a system that could play music at all levels with everything heard clearly, and never with annoying distortion.”

The largest Meyer Sound installation in any Danish restaurant was recently completed at the new Café Vivaldi location in Odense. The complete system comprises 40 MM-4XP and 14 UP-4XP compact self-powered loudspeakers along with seven MM-10XP compact self-powered subwoofers. All 68 loudspeakers incorporate Meyer Sound’s IntelligentDC technology, combining the performance advantages of self-powered systems with the installation efficiency of Class 2 wiring. A single five conductor cable routes DC power and balanced audio signal to the loudspeakers from seven rack-mount MPS-488HP power supply and signal distribution units. System optimisation is handled by a Galileo 616 loudspeaker processor.

“At Odense we have a DJ that plays in the later hours, making our café into a lively cocktail bar,” said Deliktas. “With Meyer Sound we can make that transition without compromising audio quality.”

The Meyer Sound systems at all Café Vivaldi locations use IntelligentDC loudspeaker systems exclusively. Café Vivaldi management also operates a nightclub called Nattoget where 13 AC powered Meyer Sound loudspeakers and subwoofers (UPJ-1P, USW-1P, UMS-1P and 600-HP) augment the IntelligentDC systems. The total loudspeaker count for all locations has reached 410. 

For Prime Production director Peter Petersen, the Meyer Sound IntelligentDC concept represents the ideal balance of guaranteed performance and installation ease. “With the XP series of loudspeakers we don’t have to think about long cable runs compromising sound quality, and yet we only have to run one cable per loudspeaker. Café Vivaldi management has been super happy with the results, and Meyer Sound will be the choice going forward.”

Deliktas added: “I trust partners that deliver what they promise, and I will keep working with them into the future. The number of Café Vivaldi locations keeps rising yearly and I need strong partners like Prime Production and Meyer Sound to help continue that growth.”