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Meyer Sound LCS Series solution for Ontario theatre

In the site’s principal venue, the 1,826-seat Festival Theatre, unusual architectural features – including a semi-circular auditorium that wraps around a deep thrust stage – and a diversity of demands upon the space provided a number of challenges for the sound designers. Part of the solution was provided by Meyer’s LSC Series CueControl package, linked via computer network to eight Matrix3 processors housed in three separate locations. The Matrix3 system is deployed for integrated and computer-controlled sound effects playback, signal processing and output matrixing.

The CueConsole system is connected to more than 50 Meyer Sound loudspeakers, including 18 MM-4 miniature wide-range loudspeakers and five self-powered UPA-1P compact wide-coverage loudspeakers.

Two other theatres in the Stratford Festival complex – the Avon and Tom Patterson theatres – also feature Meyer Sound LCD Series and loudspeaker systems. The Avon Theatre set-up includes four Matrix3 processors and a basic CueConsole control surface, while two Matrix3 processor handle effects playback at the Tom Patterson theatre. Proscenium loudspeakers include self-powered UPA-1P compact-wide coverage and UPA-2P compact narrow-coverage loudspeakers (Avon) and UPA-1C loudspeakers (Tom Patterson).

“The Festival produces two different major productions daily in each of its four venues throughout the season,” LCS Series executive director John McMahon told II. “Coordinating the audio production, which often includes complex soundscapes, is a daunting task to say the least. By integrating Matrix3 and CueConsole in multiple venues the sound designers and production teams are able to simplify the creative process by utilising repeatability and quick changeover to deliver powerful and innovative audio on a consistent basis.”