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Meyer Sound highlights latest install sector developments

The CAL Column Array Loudspeaker and three new 48-volt DC-powered loudspeakers were among Meyer Sound’s priority products at ISE 2012.

The CAL Column Array Loudspeaker and three new 48-volt DC-powered loudspeakers were among Meyer Sound’s priority products at ISE 2012.

Designed primarily for vocal reproduction in fixed installations, CAL loudspeakers offer the ability to produce a vertical beam of programmable width (as narrow as five degrees and up to 60 degrees), and then digitally steer the beam’s pattern up to 30 degrees up or down. Its flexibility of coverage and discreet aesthetics make the speaker suitable for applications including airports, convention centres, houses of worship and stadia.

The US-based manufacturer also draw attention to three new 48-volt, DC-powered loudspeakers for its range of self-powered, low-voltage audio solutions

Capable of 123 dB peak SPL over an operating frequency range of 75 Hz to 20 kHz, the UPM-1XP 48 V DC is the low-voltage version of the UPM-1P three-way loudspeaker.

The second new product, the UPJunior-XP 48 V DC ultra-compact VariO loudspeaker, offers peak output of 126 dB peak over a 70 Hz to 20 kHz operating range. The speaker is said to combine the advantages of the self-powered concept with the versatility of the VariO constant directivity horn.

The UMS-1XP 48 V DC subwoofer extends low voltage system response to an operating frequency range of 25 Hz – 160 Hz and a peak SPL of 127 dB at 1 meter.

Luke Jenks, Meyer Sound’s product manager for loudspeaker products, commented: “Our low-voltage systems are the answer to installations where AC cannot be run to loudspeaker positions yet the low-distortion audio quality and power in Meyer Sound self-powered products are essential. These new products can provide a level of sonic bandwidth and speech intelligibility to raise the bar for discreet, easy-to-install systems for environments that include museums, restaurants, bars, and convention centres.”

Meanwhile, in a move that reflects increasing demand for its Constellation systems around the world, the company has added two new personnel to the Constellation team.

Transferring from his prior position as education programmes coordinator, Mac Johnson becomes Constellation project manager. Meanwhile, Ana Lorente, formerly with the projects department of Meyer Sound Spain, will now serve as Constellation project designer.

Both staff members already have extensive experience with Constellation, and executive director, digital products John McMahon noted that “the success of the projects they worked on is a major factor in their appointments to the team”.