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Meyer Sound helps Sydney museum project to travel ‘further’

Intended to transform the gallery into a ‘living environment’ where vehicles and aircraft seem to take to the open road or the air, ‘Further_’ incorporates a soundtrack created by sound designer Paul Charlier and relayed via a discreetly placed Meyer Sound system installed by Alexandria, Australia-based Coda Audio Services.

The project involved a number of exacting challenges, from tracking down realistic sounds to retrofitting the audio within an existing, and somewhat problematic, infrastructure. Coda Audio Services’ co-founder and director Michael Wilkie observed that Meyer Sound loudspeakers’ self-powered design had been a significant asset. “We had some exceptionally long runs – sometimes more than 150 metres – to get to some of the speakers, and not enough space to accommodate a rack of amplifiers,” he said.

The installed Meyer Sound system is based around four UPJ-1P compact VariO loudspeakers and a dozen UPM-1P ultracompact wide coverage loudspeakers, positioned to provide both surround and localised coverage. A pair of 600-HP compact high-power subwoofers covers low frequency content.

“We have a long history of using Meyer Sound loudspeakers,” commented Wilkie. “The build quality is always first class, so there are rarely any maintenance issues. That’s critical for a project like this, where the equipment runs every day of the week for the life of the exhibition – possibly as long as six years. And most importantly, the sound quality is magnificent.”