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Meyer Sound adds to loudspeaker range

M’elodie aims to share the extended high-frequency response and easy-to-use rigging of the MILO range, but have a smaller footprint making it more suitable for fixed installation in theatres, ballrooms, clubs and other venues that before might have seemed too small for a line array solution.

John Meyer, CEO of Meyer sound, says: “We created M’elodie to satisfy all of our customers’ requests for a curvilinear array product that is powerful, yet compact enough for situations where aesthetics or load limits are restrictive.”

In larger venues, M’elodie can be used to provide downfill or sidefill for a system based on the MICA high-power curvilinear array loudspeakers, and individual M’elodie units can make fill systems for under-balcony or frontfill coverage.

M’elodie provides a wide 100º of horizontal coverage and produces maximum peak output levels up to 131dB SPL. It incorporates two newly designed neodymium magnet 8in cone drivers in a two-way arrangement to cover the low to low-mid frequency range.