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Meyer M1D for Berlin Philharmonic’s home venue

A second array of five M1D loudspeakers is positioned above the choir position at the rear of the stage, along with three arrays of two UPJ-1P compact VariO loudspeakers. Each M1D array is equipped with a customised grille built by Werner to hide the cabling behind the loudspeakers.

Coverage for the steep upper seating is provided by a delay ring of 18 UPJ-1P loudspeakers in six positions. A single UPA-2P compact narrow coverage loudspeaker provides coverage for the FOH position on an upper balcony.

A Galileo loudspeaker management system, utilising four Galileo 616 units, drives delays and processing for the entire system.

“The Berlin Philharmonie’s audio department was directly involved in the decision to purchase the Meyer Sound system, and we have established an excellent working relationship,” said Fried Werner, managing director of Werner Audio.

Klaus-Peter Gro_, audio engineer at the Berlin Philharmonic Hall, commented: “The performance and flexibility of the Meyer Sound system integrated perfectly with the hall’s architecture, providing us [with] the coverage and imaging required, and integrating well with the hall’s d_cor. Both our audience and our principal conductor, Sir Simon Rattle, are very happy with the sound.”