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Meyer M’elodie solution for University of California venue

M’elodie was determined to be ideally suited to the venue’s diverse schedule, which encompasses full classical performances, unamplified recitals (during which the line arrays may be lifted via winches into the ceiling) and spoken word performances.

“In a sense it’s almost easier to mix the Rolling Stones than one guy talking,” said John Dorsey, director of production and facilities at the venue. “Musical performances are a bit more subjective, but everyone wants to hear every word of a spoken presentation, and it has to be clear, intelligible and intimate from every seat in the house. The M’elodie system performs remarkably well for the spoken word; we’re thrilled.”

A total of 28 M’elodie cabinets have been installed, with four 600-HP subwoofers providing low end. Processing is handled by a Galileo loudspeaker management system.

The venue’s consoles have also been upgraded, with a Midas Legend desk at FOH and a Yamaha M7CL on monitors or as an alternative FOH console.