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Menlo³ allows architects to improve quality of office lighting solutions

Thorn Lighting has launched a new range of modular fluorescent luminaires for the office market.

In anticipation of the forthcoming changes to lighting industry standards to improve the efficiency and quality of office lighting, Thorn has launched a new range of modular fluorescent luminaires: Menlo³.

With what Thorn describes as market leading light output, Menlo3 achieves efficacies of up to 62 luminaire lumens per circuit watt, far exceeding the target value of Part L Building Regulations. It also delivers excellent levels of cylindrical illuminance and facial modelling, as recommended by the awaited update to EN 12464-1 (Lighting indoor workplaces). And with a range of optics and mounting options there are solutions to meet all aspects of display screen use. 

Laura Rogers, product manager, says: “Our research indicated that today’s lighting professionals face such challenges from new lighting guidelines and energy restrictions that lighting design almost becomes a numbers game. With Menlo3 we aim to make it easy to comply with the latest standards, so our customers can focus on creating attractive, high quality lighting schemes that enhance the office environment. There is no compromise on light quality or style for efficiency.”

The new design focuses on better performance and improved aesthetics through three optical choices, three geometric shapes and three mounting options. Lamp types include conventional fluorescent (T16 and TC-L) and LEDs for the recessed circular model. High performance optics include an innovative mini-vane louvre and a modern micro-prism diffuser. Control gear is standard or digital dimmable high frequency with the option of integral LED emergency lighting (3 hour self/addressable test) and /or a sensor head for lighting control purposes. 

Thorn has invested heavily in innovative manufacturing processes for Menlo3 to improve efficiency and quality of production. The shallow 70mm bodies are deep drawn in sheet metal to create a stronger rigidity and corner quality with no joins, while reducing material wastage, and the mini-vane louvre has a one-piece construction which uses less material than conventional types.