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Meeting market demand: Mitsubishi introduces warranty for education and public sector

Mitsubishi’s new three year deinstall / reinstall warranty is available exclusively to the education and public sectors, providing the unit is registered on line. This new warranty provides users with added peace of mind, as Mitsubishi will arrange for onsite service or replacement to take place within the first three years of purchase.

The XL9U is available in either the standard grey colour for the public sector or in an orange colour that is specifically for education applications. The orange version has been introduced to act as a deterrent and is easily identifiable.

All XL9U’s registered on-line, that are installed within schools, colleges or universities will be able to apply for a free replacement lamp within the first three years of purchase.

Apart from the colour. the Orange XL9U shares the same features and benefits as the standard XL9U. These include additional security settings such as an anti-theft password control function that can be used to help prevent unauthorised users operating the projector. A splash screen function enabling a school or company to upload their logo, which can not be deleted. Users can also set the projector so that the control panel is locked and can only be unlocked by using the remote control, helping to ensure that settings are not tampered with.

In addition the XL9U boasts 2000 ANSI lumens of brightness, up to 5000 hours of lamp life when used in eco-mode and is lightweight at just 2.7kg. Prompted by market demand, the XL9U also benefits from two data inputs, and has a native XGA resolution of 1024 x 768.

The XL9U uses Mitsubishi’s patented Natural Colour Matrix technology, which allows for independent colour control across six colours to ensure the realistic reproduction of both pastel shades and bright vibrant colours. The sRGB setting takes the guesswork out of colour adjustment by ensuring that the projected image matches the now widely adapted sRGB standard for colour display. It also features a line doubler function that is used to improve DVD and video picture quality by eliminating jagged oblique lines and enabling the reproduction of beautiful, natural looking images.

Alistair Duthie, divisional manager, comments: “There are a number considerations made by schools when purchasing a projector for their classrooms. These include price, functionality, reliability and also the security features that are available to them. The introduction of this deinstall/reinstall warranty benefits both the education and public sectors, in addition to a three year lamp replacement for educational establishments which demonstrates further our commitment to meeting these needs”.