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Medialon joins the search for the Blue Note

Described as “a visual extravaganza that transports spectators into a magical realm of sound and music”, the 25-minute Blue Note Mystery takes the form of a journey for the “mythical” Blue Note. Incorporating pyrotechnic effects, lasers and the projection of giant images onto two 25m and one 35m high water screens, the ambitious show is controlled by one Medialon Manager PRO and one Medialon Manager LITE Show and Media Control software.

In total, four show control ‘universes’ have been created on Medialon Manager – one apiece for the water illuminations, water-jets, pyrotechnics and flames, and general show lighting.

E/T/C head programmer Nicolas Paineau commented: “Using a Medialon system has been a natural choice for Futuroscope theme park. They already had Medialon systems running for some of their attractions, and integrating a Medialon system on The Blue Note Mystery show was obvious. Indeed, the use of Medialon Manager offers lots of flexibility and real-time testing, which are ideal for this type of show.”

In development for 13 months, The Blue Note Mystery has been running every night since February.