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Medialon helping to light up the night

Realised in a tight three-month time schedule, the project incorporates extensive audio content and an elaborate collage of visual material, which is projected onto the site’s walls, bridges and pathways.

Medialon Manager controls all AV equipment used for the show, including 20 projectors driven by 10 Onlyview servers and 10 Adtec High-Definition players, along with an Alesis hard disk audio player used for the multichannel soundtrack (relayed via Nexo speakers). The Medialon software also enables an overview of and maintenance of the system.

Asi Goren from Protech Integration commented: “Patrick Dury from ETC recommended Medialon for the project and we have approved gladly. In our experience with Manager, there is rarely something you cannot do with it, and with this project – which had a lot of unknowns – we were very happy to have such a tool.”

Benjamin Saint Girons, sales manager at Medialon, told II: “We are proud of being involved in this spectacular daily outdoor night show where Medialon Manager fits perfectly the prerequisites: ease of programming with no compilation, and reliability.”