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Massive QSC system for Indian convention complex

Having received responses from a number of companies to devise a system able to play back movies on a giant screen in both 2K and 35mm with 7.1 digital sound, Infosys elected to press ahead with a proposal from MRH Digital Systems.

In reported contrast to other firms competing for the project, MRH Digital Systems specified that there be two independent solutions for cinema and PA requirements. Working alongside consultant Jal Mistry, chief architect Hafeez Mistry and QSC’s Santiago Alcal_, MRH Digital Systems devised a system of QSC flown ILA line array units, driven by PowerLight amps.

Two sets of amplifiers have been provided – one for FOH speakers and one for the delay system to the balcony – and are connected by CobraNet. The networked audio platform enables complete system supervision in conjunction with NAC-100 local controllers and a fixed computer that makes use of a QSCreator-developed error-reporting GUI.

While the full specification is too lengthy to detail in full here, specific QSC units installed include – among many others – WL2082-I installation line array units, WL218-sw enclosures, SC-434 four-way screen channel loudspeakers, PowerLight PL325 amplifiers, and BASIS devices for processing and monitoring.

“Infosys is an extremely important customer for us, and this installation will provide a vital platform for building future business of this nature and on this scale,” commented MRH Digital Systems’ Poncho Gopinadhan.