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Massive G-LEC screen for Grand Prix

Built specifically for the three-day event, the 23m (W) x 13m (D) screen utilised nearly 300 Phantom30 frames. The video feed was supplied by the Ring as composite video over 150m of cable into two Folsom video converters. These then converted the signal DVI for the Phantom 30 S-Drives, which transmitted the LED drive signals over optical fibre daisy chained to 276 frames.

The free-standing truss structure, designed and supplied by Megaforce, included three levels of flooring on each side of the screen for special guests. The screen itself was hung from a 23m wide single-span truss frame. Calculated to withstand strong winds, the whole structure was fully approved by Germany’s T_V standards body as a temporary building for its ability to withstand the elements.

In addition to showing the race, the screen was also used with a solid white signal for weather forecasts and other announcements.

G-LEC’s managing director, Lars Wolf, told II: “Hockenheim not only gave the opportunity to demonstrate that the Phantom30 works well in an extremely large format, but also that it has a place in the event and sporting arenas.”

Based in Germany, G-LEC also has offices in Austria, Brazil, France, Greece, Portugal and the US. In addition to Phantom, its primary products are the B:xel designer LED video system and Chimera, an integrated LED video system for installed applications.