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Martin Professional reveals the MAC Aura

It's the first LED moving head wash light zoom that offers 'eye candy' aura effects and functions as a single-lens wash with fully pre-mixed colour.

The Aura’s optical system combines two illumination systems in one luminaire – multicolour beam LEDs and a backlight LED lens array – to produce a visual palette that takes the synthetic look out of LED wash lights.The MAC Aura houses an 11-58-degree zoom for beam effects with great definition. The zoom is capable of angling wide or tight for high-intensity beam looks. According to Martin, a uniform field of light and efficiency is maintained throughout the zoom range. 

Thanks to its cooling system and high optical efficiency, the MAC Aura is extremely quiet and so is said to be suitable for noise-sensitive environments such as theatres.

The MAC Aura delivers almost 4,000 lumens of output in an ultra-compact 5.6kg package.