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Martin Professional lighting installed at Marquee nightclub

Nightclub operator Toa Group has opened a third Marquee nightclub in Sydney, featuring Martin Profesional club lighting, control and a smoke package.

Nightclub operator Tao Group has opened a brand new Marquee nightclub in Sydney, Australia. The night spot arrives as the third installment of the chain and features Martin Professional lighting, control and smoke package. Marquee, which has establishments in Las Vegas and New York, houses three distinct spaces within one venue to cater to different tastes and moods. Australian Venue Services was charged with the design and installation of the new system. A Martin MAC 250 Entour was selected and installed due to the low roof of the venue. This is supported with fast wash effects from 14 Martin MAC 101 LED wash lights selected for their narrow beam effects. Augmenting these fixtures are Martin Mania EFX 500 halogen effect lights and Martin Atomic 3000 strobes. A Jem Hydra fog system delivers a fog effect from multiple locations. The intelligent Hydra fog system has eight individually controlled fog heads managed from the desk all pumping special ‘steam juice’ from one base unit. This removed the need for multiple fog devices. Elsewhere in the venue, a Jem Magnum 2500 plug-and-play, easy-to-use hazer completes the setup. For control, the main room uses a Martin M1 console. This runs on the newer Martin M-PC system as opposed the Martin LightJockey which was initially specified. It sits more in line with the operating system on the console in the main room so the switch between the two rooms is less of an issue for the operators. The standard was set high for us in the beginning,” commented Matthew Kline, managing director of Australian Venue Services. “I’ve used Martin-branded products for a very long time in all types of applications all across the country. I find Martin products hold up well in a nightclub situation; a nightclub can be a very tough place for a moving light to live and whilst there are certainly cheaper products on the market, Martin pays you back in reliability and serviceability over the duration of the operation.”