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Martin Professional launches LED panels

The EC-20 is said to to combine the image quality and precision of conventional high-resolution screens with the creativity and low weight of mesh-type screens.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor staging, as well as permanent installations, the EC-20 features a 20mm pixel pitch and delivers 4,000nits screen brightness.

Designed for rapid set-up and teardown, colour and brightness is calibrated for each individual pixel for maximum image quality. Using high-efficiency Nichia LEDs, the EC-20 offers 48-bit colour processing for “uncompromised colour depth” at any brightness setting.

An optional integrated curving system enables a panel-to-panel angle of +/- 20° with maintained pixel pitch making it easy to create curved screens and circles with a radius of only 1.5m without visible gaps.

Panels are made up of 18 pixel blocks, each one easily removable for creative design/shape flexibility, including the integration of different resolution pixel-blocks. The EC-20 offers completely flicker-free operation thanks to a 3000Hz LED refresh rate.

EC-2- panels are transparent and allow light and effects to pass through (including audio and smoke), creating increased opportunities for multi-layered looks.