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Martin outfits the Queen of nightclubs

Situated on the Champs Elysées, Paris, Le Queen nightclub has recently undergone a lighting update. Martin Professional was called in to meet the club's aim of replacing the old lighting kit while reducing the number of sources.

In order to meet different expectations, two types of products have been installed on either side of the room: Martin MAC 250 Beams and MAC 575 Kryptons.

Explaining the choice, Philippe Fatien, managher of the venue, said: “We needed a projector that was capable of replacing the old effect profiles and that was also capable of providing a blanket of colour right across the club.” The power and the different combinations available with the 575 Krypton made it possible to install only one source to replace the two or three models that were previously in place.

The Mac 250 beams were chosen for their speed and compact nature. Fatien added that they are “easy to use, effective and provide a party atmosphere”.

All of the gear was installed in accordance with a specific list of requirements: two truss circles were placed in the centre of the dance floor, close to the mirror ball, with four MAC 250 Beams and four MAC 575 Kryptons mounted on the smaller of these. The larger truss circle has been fitted with eight MAC 575 Kryptons and six MAC 250 Beams. In addition five MAC 250 Beams that cross the entire room have been fitted high up in order to provide complete coverage of the venue.

All of the lighting is controlled using four Martin MaxModules (Cerebrum, Programmer, Playback and Button), which provide a single, complete solution in terms of control. The modularity of the system installed enables it to be adapted without any problems and to offer solutions that are as varied as they are complex.